Dear Guests,

Some of you might wonder why our prices are a bit higher than those of usual restaurants. We thought it was important to be transparent and explain to you why.

First of all, we are serving food in the dark and therefore need to take care of safety and logistic issues, which can be quite costly. Our company doesn’t receive any public or charity support even if 50% of the employees are disabled.

Then, we need more space than a regular restaurant, as we need to separate the darkroom from the welcoming area, which reduces the capacity and the number of guests that we can accommodate.

Also, we also need more staff than a regular restaurant. All of those include the welcoming staff, the disabled guides and the kitchen staff to cook fresh ingredients.

Thus, an extra of €14 is included in the price in order to access the experience. Hence, a 3 course meal for which you are charged €64,90 at Dans le Noir? is in fact €50,90 in the light. You can choose to enjoy your meal in the light at these prices if you wish.

Finally, because we serve food in the pitch dark, our visitors focus on the taste and we need to be extra careful on freshness, possible restrictions our guests might have, and the quality of ingredients.

Therefore, our prices are actually quite modest for home-made meals cooked with fresh products elaborated by a French one star Michelin chef.  We try to keep the experience accessible to everybody by offering a rebate for students, children, and unemployed guests.

In 2014 the global profitability of the company in Europe was around 9%. Most of our profits are reinvested to develop the company, new projects and franchises which increase our social impact. 5% to 10% are also reinvested into charities and into our own programme Dans le Noir? A Light For Africa, which supplies electricity and computers to schools in Africa ( )

If you have any questions or queries about our restaurant in London or our brand, please contact us by phone or with the form below.