Otra Vista Social Club

Otra Vista Social Club

Want to enjoy a unique party?

Want to dance in the same room as others but with diferents music styles?

Want to relax in a relaxing ambiance where you can talk to your friends without shouting?

All this is possible with Vista Social Club, at the restaurant Dans le Noir?  Barcelona

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Otra Vista Social Club is a bar where every Friday night from 22:30 you can enjoy the Silent Party. But what is a Silent Party,

Fiesta unica

A Silent party is a nightclub where there is no music. You come, we give you Bluetooth headphones so that you can carry the music wherever you want. Choose the music from two canals and choose the volume.

Carry the music wherever you go, on the dancefloor, in the terrace or even to the restroom!

Moreover, in the Dans le Noir? group we like to communicate about positive social integration. What better opportunity to do so than with professional barman which are deaf-and-dumb, trained in one of the best barman school in Barcelona.  But no worries, we got poster that explain to you how to order a drink with sign language and one of our wonderful hosts will explain to you the basis of the sign language so that you can communicate with them.