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and the chef

Flavor and sensory quality of our products are central to our work dimensions of this incredible experience. From the first idea to the conception of each plate that we serve “Dans le noir?”, we consider the ambiance in which they will be enjoyed. This is why all of our cuisine places emphasis on increasing all the sensations we feel when eating and on the development and expansion of our perception.
“Dans le noir?” leads us to flavor’s core, changes our preconceptions and enables us to enjoy the real qualities of food. Our chef prepares elegant, sensory dishes with high quality ingredients to help our senses appreciate food’s true flavor.

The challenge we face is to surprise our guests with traditional flavors, aromas and textures known by all, to achieve something very difficult: to rediscover sensations we thought we knew.


Chef restaurateur




I am Adrià Subirana, Catalan chef, passionate of cooking and of the good eating art since my earliest childhood. Since I discover the Dans le Noir ? experience in 2011, I wanted to be part of it. Its challenges attracted me: the one which is to cook for the absolute darkness. My objective is to offer balanced menus, with fresh and seasonal products which come from local providers who take care of their product as much as I do. The restaurant offer a catalan-french cuisine with influences from the Asiatic and south American cuisine. Our menu is composed of various elements, easy to eat in the dark, even if we try to modify the forms of some of it to throw your palate.

Enjoy the experience. To do so, stop eating with the view… Just eat!






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