Yes it is! There’s not a shadow of a light, candle or a flash! To keep the room entirely dark, you will be asked to store all potential sources of light such as lighters, watches, mobile phones or cameras in the free lockers we have supplied for you in the basement. You can also store your coat, purse, handbag, etc.


When we are deprived of our primary sense of sight, we have a tendency to rely more upon our other senses: hearing, touch and smell. These enable us to make do in the dark when eating, getting to our table…Even if at first the experience is intimidating, it becomes increasingly enjoyable when you start to relax. Our guides with visual impairments are trained to ensure our guests’ well-being, and they will give you all the advice you need.
We suggest that you DO NOT wear your best clothing to our restaurant so that you do not have to worry about spills. The restaurant is not responsible for stains or damage to your clothing.


Even though we do not discriminate, people with vision impairments are naturally more efficient in the dark and work best in this context. You will become blind for at least an hour and a half and you have to trust your server. It is a true “transfer of trust” and an amazing, positive approach to increasing awareness of visual impairments and other handicaps in general. For an hour and a half, you will be the one with an impairment!


Guests are not permitted to move around the dark room unassisted except to visit the washroom or exit the room. This could endanger the other guests and the servers. Remember – the servers are blind and require unobstructed space to work around the tables. If you need to move, inform your server so that they can assist you.


Orders are taken at reception in front of the bar, which is a well-lit area. You can certainly order drinks or additional food through your server whenever you like. Please advise us of any allergies as well as remind your server when they bring out your meal.


Simply by calling his/her name. You will be introduced to your server before entering the dark room.


Not in particular. But every person with a vision impairment who has come has enjoyed the experience as it is a unique way to share what their daily life is like with their friends and family.


The chefs are not necessarily vision impaired, and we do not discriminate during the recruiting process. The kitchen is lit so that our main chef and his team can prepare quality meals. These meals are creative and exciting; they play with flavours and are made with fresh, savoury ingredients. Everything comes together to give guests a unique culinary experience.

That would be amusing, but no! The washrooms have light! They are located in the basement. A public washroom accessible to motorized wheelchairs is located 100m from the restaurant. Our employees can accompany you.


Very few people are uncomfortable in the dining room when plunged into darkness. It’s an incredible experience! The majority of people are surprised by this unusual, very exciting moment that allows them to rediscover their other senses.


Everything has been carefully considered! Safety equipment has been adapted to the premises. The lights come on automatically in case of emergency. The emergency exits and safety equipment were designed and validated by the authorities to be fully compatible with our restaurant. In nearly 10 years there have been no accidents at the restaurant.


Yes! The dining room is monitored at all times by infrared video cameras (after official authorization). We keep the recordings for a few weeks in order to ensure our guests’ safety and well-being. Rest assured that we review these recordings only when a customer or the authorities report an incident in which safety regulations may not have been followed.


Our restaurant serves innovative, eclectic dishes, inspired by French cuisine. Each meal is an explosion of diverse flavours and is created to educate our guests about this new way to experience food.


When placing your order, our hostesses will inquire about your specific dietary requirements or if you have any allergies. If so, the chef will adapt your menu as a result. Please remind your server of these allergies or restrictions when they bring your meal into the dark room.


On average, guests spend between an hour and half to two hours in the dark room.


We have made efforts to keep our prices affordable to make this experience accessible to all. The actual price takes into account the safety requirements, the fact that we employ more personnel when compared to other restaurants, and menu items made with fresh ingredients. The extra cost for this experience is approximately €14 per person when compared to a traditional restaurant with a similar menu. We do special discounts for students, the unemployed, and for those under 21 with proper identification. Follow this link for further explanations: Transparency.


We employ between 6 and 9 waiters who have vision impairments or are totally blind. There are currently 27 employees in the world who are blind.
Other experts are also available for special events such as organizing recruitment sessions, corporate events, official receptions, product launches, media events, sensory workshops and brainstorming sessions.
People with visual impairments are not only involved in the business as guides/waiters. For example, the General Manager for Ethik Investment is blind. We also have several consultants with visual imparments in Europe.


The main dining room has seating for 60 people, maximum.


Some of our guests admitted that they lick their plates to not leave any melted chocolate behind! They’re onto something!
A couple who met each other on an internet dating site decided to have their first “blind” date in the dark room. It was only after the meal while enjoying a drink in our bar that they were able to see each other for the first time.
We also organize various events in the dark such as lectures and debates. These events are always incredible moments which leave a lasting impression!
In complete darkness, we are all equal. Whether you are a regular person, politician, actor or celebrity like Prince William or the French Prime Minister, you’ll never know who will be sitting near you at Dans le Noir!


We welcome children 6 years of age and up. (They are braver than the adults!!) They must always be accompanied by an adult.



To dine in our Barcelona restaurant, you can reserve by phone at +34 93 268 1017, with the contact form below or you can use our booking service


News and special event information is available on our website www.danslenoir.com.

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